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Solve your challenges fast and accelerate your career with our new Market Mastery Roundtable.  
Get advice from 3 market experts plus 7 of your peers. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. 

Over 65 Years of Experience Working Directly With Product and Marketing Managers!

Market Mastery Roundtable: The Benefits

Career Growth

Grow your career by investing just 90 minutes of time per month.

Market Leaders

You'll learn from leaders that have experience helping people just like you!

Intimate Group

This program is limited to only 8 individuals, so you will have direct access to the experts.

What you'll learn

We designed this program to identify and solve pain points specifically for product and marketing managers. Together, we can take your career to new heights.

Strategic Guidance

Reduce the risk of making mistakes when shaping your strategies.

Learn strategies to strengthen your competitive advantage

Make New Connections

Have fun and grow as a leader in your business while expanding your network.

Share your expertise and learn from your peers

Actionable Insights

Get actionable insights from professionals that have a proven track record in market insights, product, service and marketing strategy development and execution.

Identify ways to improve your product/marketing strategy

New Solutions

Get introduced to new solutions you may not have considered before.

Find out about the latest strategies that are working for others

Get advice from 3 market insights and strategy experts plus 7 of your peers 

Let’s be real. There is no shortage of ideas to achieve product and marketing success. What is often lacking is the ability to cut through the noise and focus on what has the potential to help achieve your goals, quickly, predictably and efficiently. 

It can be hard to do this on your own, while managing your boss and daily business.

Can you relate? If so, keep reading.

Introducing...The Market Mastery Roundtable - The once a month opportunity to bring your challenge to a virtual table of market insights, product/service and marketing experts. 

It’s an opportunity to work on issues that matter to you, and share your knowledge to help your peers in a safe environment. Yes, you are one of the experts. That is, if you choose to join us. Only 8 spots available!

Is saving time and improving your ability to win in your market important to you? 

How it works:

Jump to the bottom of this page. Find a time in the calendar that works for you.

Expect a follow up email with a calendar invite. See you on the prep call. No prep required.

We are limiting this program to 8 people, so apply quickly.

Free for a limited time! 

Your Market Mastery Roundtable Experts

Brent Schmidt

Brent Schmidt is the host of the Market Mastery Roundtable Brent is a partner in Agile Innovation Advisors and an expert in strategy definition and alignment. His work for almost 30 years in sales, marketing, product management, market research, facilitation, innovation and consulting roles, with small businesses to large corporations, has provided a breadth of experiences and a deep toolkit of approaches and frameworks. Frankly, he has seen what works and what doesn’t, and ensures his clients get on the right track as quickly as possible.

Andre Rosdahl

Andre Rosdahl is a digital marketing expert and President of Synthesis Insights. He focuses on lead generation across a variety of industries and has a wealth of knowledge generating leads for both service and e-comm based businesses. What differentiates Andre is that he’s able to create efficiencies by looking at marketing and sales as one entity. This enables brands to find optimization areas in their sales process and close more deals.

Zac Lyons

Zac Lyons is the CEO and founder of Agile Innovation Advisors . Zac helps both established companies and new ventures identify growth opportunities. He has a marketing and product management background with broad analytical problem-solving and business leadership skills developed through over 25 years of related work experiences at Deloitte Consulting, PwC Consulting, Intuit, and Strategyn Consulting. His expertise is in the information, technology, and financial services industries. Zac has a proven track record in using jobs-to-be-done to help clients identify new market opportunities and drive revenue and profits.

The Program

4 Months

1 x 90 Min. Session Per Month


Meetings will take place on Zoom

May 12th

Roundtable Start Date


We'll meet the second Wednesday of the month at 12PM PT

Come, fast track your career!

Product and Marketing Managers are being given more responsiblity than ever before. Don't risk falling behind and stay ahead of the game with an engaging roundtable.





Hurry! Only 8 Seats available


Market Mastery Roundtable Membership
Limited Time Pilot Offer
1 Monthly Meeting
Limited Capacity
Career Growth
Industry Experts

Don’t take our word for it. Listen what our clients are saying.

“The experts leading the Market Mastery Roundtable have provided us with a goldmine of insights that we can return to again and again as we advance our product development efforts.” 

Chief Innovation Officer, Experian Health

“Insights gained from the experts running the Market Mastery Roundtable have been used to help us size and choose markets, identify potential acquisition candidates, and determine the primary drivers of our net promoter score.”

Customer Experience Officer, First American

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really FREE?

Yes, we are offering this as a pilot program to the first 8 individuals that sign up! All we asking in return is your candid feedback to improve the experience.

What if I can't commit to the full program?

We are only looking for highly engaged individuals that want to grow their careers. If you can't commit to this, than this may not be the program for you.

Is this a virtual event?

Yes! We use the Zoom platform for the roundtable as participants will attend from across North America.

How often do we meet?

We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 12 PM PT. The beta group starts on May 12th and runs for four months.

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